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Refinery-chemicals integration

Access unique, in-depth insight into global integrated refinery-petrochemicals assets

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A comprehensive view of integrated assets

Refiners are at a crossroads, facing mounting pressure from the emerging energy transition. New strategies will be required to build sustainable business models that diversify from producing sole transport fuels. Stronger growth in chemicals demand raises the critical option of integration into petrochemicals production as a means to improve the competitive position of refining assets.

Petrochemical producers simultaneously face their own challenges in developing sustainable business strategies. In response many companies are looking to back-integrate from derivatives into building blocks and feedstocks to create competitive advantages. Together, the refining and petrochemical sectors will need to identify and capture synergies to survive and thrive.

Our refinery-chemicals integration offering leverages Wood Mackenzie's in-depth knowledge of both the refining and chemical fields to provide a comprehensive global view of integrated assets.


An in-depth view of competitive positioning and profitability for chemical-producing assets worldwide

REM-Chemicals leverages Wood Mackenzie’s industry-leading Refinery Evaluation Model and incorporates integrated chemicals production. Watch the video to find out more on our essential and invaluable mechanism for remaining competitive in a growing and dynamic petrochemical industry landscape.