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Refinery-chemicals Integration

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Refiners are at a crossroads, facing mounting pressure from the emerging energy transition. New strategies will be required to build sustainable business models that diversify from producing sole transport fuels. Stronger growth in chemicals demand raises the critical option of integration into petrochemicals production as a means to improve the competitive position of refining assets.

Petrochemical producers simultaneously face their own challenges in developing sustainable business strategies. In response many companies are looking to back-integrate from derivatives into building blocks and feedstocks to create competitive advantages. Together, the refining and petrochemical sectors will need to identify and capture synergies to survive and thrive.

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The oil market and refining industry has undergone major changes over the last few years. From innovations that drive the energy transition, to major world events impacting both demand and supply. Navigating the complexities and changing conditions of the oil value chain is a monumental task.

Companies need access to reliable, up-to-date data with the necessary analytic tools to gain a comprehensive view of the industry, integrating a deep understanding of asset behaviour to market perspectives.  

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