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High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor

Receive daily oil production estimates for critical global oil producers.

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Access accurate production estimates and detect inflection points early

The High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor is a leading source of daily oil production data for impactful oil-producing countries across the globe.

We go beyond providing a simple on/off signal at the field or country level. We transform on/off signals into highly accurate estimates of daily production volumes for each country we monitor, providing you the actionable intelligence you need.

We generate accurate country-level production estimates and detect inflection points ahead of the market. You can access analysis of the magnitude and nature of the field-level signals alongside associated operational characteristics and production history.

Countries we cover: US, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Libya, Algeria, Ghana, Angola, Azerbaijan, the Neutral Zone, Norway, UK, Denmark, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

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Features at a glance


We don’t just provide the signals or an index of the signals. We transform that data into meaningful information – actual production levels. 


Our data is as up-to-date as possible and you can access daily. We update the API every morning, rather than monthly like many government sources.

Unbiased and data-driven

Our product does not rely on anonymous human sources in any country.