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Natural Gas Production Forecast

The only gas production forecast that provides weekly updates and detailed production forecasts for over 50 regions in North America.

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Access the most up-to-date production estimates

We incorporate data from our Infrastructure Intelligence product, public and proprietary pipeline flow data, and other in-house resources to build our Natural Gas Production Forecast. We combine data across the entire natural gas production spectrum including oil, natural gas and petrochemicals, resulting in the most comprehensive, accurate forecast in the market. Our reports include in-depth summaries and detailed assumptions for production by region.

Use our production data for the most up-to-date production estimates out there. State agency data can lag up to a year and EIA production data lags by ~2 months.

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Our Natural Gas Production Forecast is a dynamic economic forecast of rigs and natural gas production

Weekly forecasts combine forward gas and oil prices with rig counts and well economics, allowing prevailing market conditions and prices to inform our models.

Get a breakdown of 53 regions and specific sub-regions for the full production picture. Receive a weekly rig breakout report, price change report, pipe flow analysis report and real-time alerts as events happen.

Lean on our team of seasoned, dedicated analysts with expertise in the natural gas, oil and petrochemical industries. Ask them questions, discuss your forecasts and weigh market dynamics to help inform your trading strategies.

Input our findings directly into your models with easy-to-use, raw data Excel files and a data feed. As market moving events occur, such as pipeline explosions or weather events like freeze-offs and hurricanes, we send out email notifications to ensure you stay up to date.

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