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Coal Research Suite

Rigorous global coal market research and in-depth analysis that helps you position for growth.

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

Our in-depth coal market research and leading industry analysis provide data and insights you can rely on. Benchmark your business against competitors, evaluate M&A opportunities, make smart investment decisions, position yourself for growth, and see how these trends affect your industry.

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Designed to help you

With in-depth analysis of coal fundamentals at global and regional levels, long-term bi-annually updated supply, demand and price forecasts to 2050, and short-term monthly forecasts over the next two years, we help you:

  • Understand future supply trends from the mine through to refinery level
  • Develop detailed supply and demand forecasts for strategy and budget planning
  • Use the global supply and demand dynamics for benchmarking projects
  • Evaluate new growth opportunities in coal supply
  • Analyze supply, demand and price fundamentals by coal type
  • Identify shifts in trade patterns and implications for markets

What do you get with the Coal Research Suite?

Maximise your investments and your analysis of costs, reserves, production, infrastructure, coal quality and mine valuations, while furthering your strategic planning with in-depth analysis and forecasts at a global and local level. You will receive:

Coal Market Service

Coal Market Service

Our Coal Market Service provides you with in-depth analysis and forecasts of coal market fundamentals at the global and regional level that help you further your strategic planning. Get access to supply-demand balances for over 100 countries, and forecasts for 2,700 ocean freight rate routes.



Get access to:

  • 20+ year forecasts for supply, demand and price – updated biannually
  • 2x strategic Planning Outlook to 2050
  • 2x Investment Outlook to 2050
  • Thermal Coal Market Service
  • Met Coal Market Service
  • Dedicated Coal Market Services for China, India, and North America

Coal Supply Service

Coal Supply Service

Our Coal Supply Service empowers you to maximise your current and future investments with in-depth analysis of costs (Opex and capital), reserves, production, infrastructure, coal quality and mine valuations. Our asset reports that provide life of mine costings, production and reserves for more than 1,100 assets are updated annually across 17 countries comprising 10 regions.


Get access to:

  • Asset reports and country summaries covering life of mine costings, production and reserves
  • Coal Cost Curves tool
  • Coal Supply Data tool

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Whether you’re looking for attractive new opportunities, evaluating existing projects or widening your research base in a specific segment, our experts are on hand to guide you through which aspects of our world-leading coal research suite will work best for you.

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