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Access our integrated outlook on thermal and metallurgical coal markets, as well as detailed mine-level analysis covering more than 1,100 assets.


The coal market has entered an extremely volatile period after years of oversupply, slowing capital investment and weak global demand. The impact of Chinese policy on its large domestic industry has caused a rollercoaster effect in the smaller seaborne market. Coking coal prices were particularly affected - thermal coal prices less so, but Chinese policy was still a significant influence.

In a market environment such as this, it's more important than ever to stay ahead. But how can you interpret demand sustainability when competition with other fuels is a key factor? And how can you maximise the return from your investments in the coal industry when it has been downsizing?

What is the Coal Research Suite?

Get the insight you need to determine the key challenges and opportunities facing the market. No other provider of research is able to offer this breadth, depth or quality of data. Our coal research enables you to benchmark and analyse the profitability of all key players in the sector, and to stay on top by helping to answer a number of key questions, including:

  • What is the outlook for coal prices?
  • How will f/x rates and the price of oil affect a mine's competitiveness and profitability?
  • How does my company's operations stack up against the competition's?
  • How profitable are certain producers in the current market?
  • What opportunities might come into play?
  • How will the regulatory environment impact my ability to supply particular customers?

The Coal Research Suite offers the following:

Coal Supply Service

Maximise your investments with our analysis of costs, reserves, production, infrastructure, coal quality and mine valuations.

  • Asset data by mine covering 1,100 assets, including 190+ greenfield projects. Coverage includes costs, operating margins, production, reserves, quality, productivity and capital expenditures
  • Cost curves: created by mine and separated into categories by country, company, product, product sub-type, volatile type and end-market
  • Flexing capability with user-generated exchange rates and benchmarked prices to model impact on operating costs and margins

Coal Market Service

Create winning strategies with our in-depth analysis and forecasts of market fundamentals at the global and regional level.

  • 20 year long-term forecasts for supply, demand and price: updated bi-annually
  • 18-24 month short-term supply, demand and price forecasts: updated monthly
  • 102 country supply-demand balances
  • 2,700 ocean freight rate route forecasts
  • Coverage: Global trade – thermal and metallurgical; Regional – China, India and North America
  • Seaborne pricing coverage: 21 (metallurgical, FOB and CFR) and 17 (thermal, FOB and CFR)
  • High/low price cases

Coal Cost Curve Tool

Benchmark individual assets and companies using our interactive cost and margin curves. Chart the seaborne metallurgical, thermal coal export, and North American domestic sectors.

  • >1,100

    assets including 190+ greenfield projects

  • 102

    country supply-demand balances

  • 2,700

    ocean freight rate route forecasts

  • 20

    year long-term forecasts for supply, demand and price

Designed to help you:
  • Make informed decisions about where to invest or sell
  • Analyse the market to screen for new opportunities
  • Understand the competitive context of the market
  • Analyse demand patterns to identify the highest potential markets
  • Identify the most competitive suppliers and when to set a price
  • Get the best deal by understanding supply and price fundamentals
  • Benchmark companies against each other