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Cobalt Research Suite

Leading cobalt market analysis covering the entire cobalt supply chain and major cobalt markets across the world.

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

Our cobalt market research and analysis provides insight into major cobalt markets, including the cost makeup of the cobalt supply chain and operating costs. It helps you understand the nuances of the cobalt industry to better anticipate changes and developments and make informed decisions.

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Our Cobalt Research Suite service gives you the knowledge you need to succeed. With supply, demand and price analysed for both refined and feedstock products, a forecasts horizon of 2050, we help you:


Understand future supply trends with a granular breakdown of existing mines, processing and refining facilities, and future projects

Use our in-house integrated electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage forecasts to predict cobalt demand

Stay up-to-date on developments in battery chemistries and other technological trends

Get detailed analysis of key cobalt market trends, technology developments, supply/demand/price forecasts and industry costs

Identify and evaluate new growth opportunities in the cobalt sector

Target opportunities with the highest potential

What do you get with the Cobalt Research Suite?

Our Cobalt Market Service and Cobalt Cost Service combine to give you a level of research and analysis unmatched anywhere today. With global coverage and access to analysts in every major market, our industry leading models and unparalleled expertise helps you drill into underlying data to optimise your portfolio and improve business planning.

Cobalt Market Service

Cobalt Market Service

Stay ahead of the competition with our In-depth insight into the entire cobalt supply chain and major cobalt markets across the globe.


This includes:

  • Detailed long-term outlook reports
  • Extended outlook to 2050
  • Short-term outlooks to support quick, accurate decision-making
  • Excel datasheets of underlying data

Cobalt Cost Service

Cobalt Cost Service

Benefit from insight into the cost makeup of the cobalt supply chain and the operating costs associated with the production.


This includes:

  • Coverage of 35+ operating mine and projects
  • Outlooks for capacity, production and operating cost
  • Individual profiles for each asset
  • Industry cost curves and analysis
  • Tools to input custom commodity prices

Who is the Cobalt Research Suite for?

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