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Industry-leading bulk metals research for industrials

Rigorous, in-depth analysis to provide strategic clarity for bulk consumers of iron ore, steel and coal in a rapidly evolving environment

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Understand sector dynamics

Stay informed about issues with implications for consumers and processors of iron ore, steel and coal. Analyse sector-specific supply, pricing, reserves, production, consumption, product quality and infrastructure development. Benchmark your facilities against thousands of projects in over 130 countries.

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Keep abreast of technology

Learn about the latest development in replacement technologies for carbon-intensive processes to help you reduce your direct and indirect emissions. From new production processes and alternative energy sources such as renewables and hydrogen to carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS).

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Model emissions throughout your value chain

Assess Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions at every stage of your value chain, from input materials, through production, to distribution. Understand the baseline emissions profile of your assets and operations and benchmark your current performance and future decarbonisation strategy against your industry peers.

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Choose how and where to deploy capital

Access in-depth data and analysis to inform your key investment decisions. Assess and compare replacement technologies for your carbon-intensive processes. Evaluate acquisition and divestment opportunities. Prepare for future policy changes, and plan robust emissions management for new projects.

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Plan pathways to decarbonisation

Address stakeholder pressures and ensure future profitability by planning to decarbonise your operations. Model the impact on emissions of changes to every element, from raw material grade, energy sources, equipment and production processes to transportation and distribution.

Why do so many smelters, refiners, steel mills and other heavy industry stakeholders use our iron ore, steel and coal sector solutions?

To benchmark and stress test existing assets

To inform capital deployment

To assess replacement technologies

To prepare for potential policy changes

To plan carbon management for new projects