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Industry-leading bulk metals services for miners

Rigorous research and analysis of iron ore, steel and coal sectors to inform your investment decisions and help you prepare for a lower carbon future in mining

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Understand sector dynamics

Stay informed about issues, events and innovations with implications for the iron ore, steel and coal sectors. Analyse industry and asset-specific costs, reserves, production, consumption, infrastructure, product quality and valuations. Benchmark your facilities against thousands of projects in over 130 countries.

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Anticipate future demand and supply

Read our insights to identify emerging trends that will impact demand, supply and pricing for iron ore, steel and coal, to inform your strategic decision making. Use our forward-looking data to forecast and model market dynamics for a full range of mined products at both a global and country-specific level.

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Model emissions throughout your value chain

Assess emissions at every stage of the commodity lifecycle, from mining to processing, refining and distribution. Understand the baseline emissions profile of your assets and operations and benchmark your current performance and future decarbonisation strategy against your industry peers.

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Make informed investment decisions

Get insight and analysis to make the right decisions for your business. Screen, identify, and evaluate growth and acquisition opportunities. Assess replacement technologies for carbon-intensive processes. Prepare for future policy changes, and plan robust emissions management for new mining projects.

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Plan pathways to decarbonisation

Address stakeholder concerns and futureproof your business by planning to decarbonise your operations. Model the impact on emissions of changes to every element in the value chain, from equipment and processes to energy sources and transportation, including renewables, hydrogen, CCUS and more.

Why do thousands of mining professionals use our iron ore, steel and coal solutions?

To benchmark and stress test existing assets

To explore how and where to invest capital

To prepare for potential policy changes

To stay informed about the latest technology

To plan carbon management for new projects