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Nickel Research Suite

Find clarity in the nickel market with leading insights on supply-demand dynamics, project developments, costs of production, and future capacity requirements.

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

Access unmatched market research and analysis across the entire nickel supply chain. Explore supply and demand amid increasing demand for batteries and pressures on stainless steel production. Understand the nuances of the nickel industry to anticipate developments and make informed decisions.

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Designed to help you:

With global coverages of the entire nickel supply chain, covering more than 50 companies and 75+ costed assets, we help you:



Better understand risks and opportunities

Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends around the world

Understand key data at the asset level and identify drivers for cost competitiveness

Value existing assets and assess the effect of new projects on the industry cost curve

Analyse competitor assets to identify acquisition opportunities

Benchmark against peers to understand competitive position

What do you get with the Nickel Research Suite?

Our Nickel Market Service and Nickel Sulphate Cost Service combine to give you a level of research and analysis unmatched anywhere today. We help you explore the role of nickel in the energy transition; identify mines, smelters and refineries and understand their probability of production and forecast of production; understand how the key areas of carbon and deforestation agreed upon at COP26 will impact the nickel market; explore the unique costs of making nickel sulphate from a variety of intermediates; and much more.

Nickel Market Service

Nickel Market Service

The greatest depth and breadth of nickel analysis available today, with insight into the entire supply chain and major nickel markets across the globe.


This includes:

  • In-depth analysis of supply-demand dynamics, project developments, demand areas, pricing, and future supply requirements
  • Detailed long-term outlook reports to 2050+
  • New nickel sulphate analysis built on proprietary models
  • Short-term outlooks to support quick, accurate decision-making
  • Client Excel datasheets of underlying data


Nickel Sulphate Cost Service

Nickel Sulphate Cost Service

In-depth analysis of nickel sulphate, with insight into the cost makeup of the entire supply chain and the operating costs associated with the production.


This includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of over 45 operating plants and 25 development projects
  • Profiles for each asset
  • Outlooks for capacity, production and operating cost from 2017 to 2030
  • Tools to input custom commodity prices
  • Industry cost curves and analysis
  • Plant-by-plant benchmarking analysis

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