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Noble Steel Alloys Research Suite

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Analyse the fundamentals and changing molybdenum, niobium and vanadium ferroalloy landscape - from demand drivers to supply costs and regional value chains. Use our first of its kind report to evaluate and understand the key industry and cross-cutting market drivers for noble steel alloys.


Noble steel alloy markets are niche alloys markets and more susceptible to supply-demand dynamic behaviour compared to their bulk alloy counterparts. Underpinned by the global steel industry, the environmental regulations and steel standards have driven up micro-alloying demand. With a global attention on "green steel" and hopes of reaching net-zero carbon emissions, micro-alloying contents have a key role to play in supporting the steel industry to meet its goals. Our noble steel alloys analysis provides you with the latest industry developments and forecasts across molybdenum, niobium and vanadium markets, as well as other niche applications, impacting the supply-demand dynamics of these steel-dominated metals.

What is the Noble Steel Alloys Research Suite?

Understand the steel alloy market with fundamental and cross-cutting analysis across the noble alloys molybdenum, niobium and vanadium, with access to our analysts, data and reports. Data and analysis are delivered in monthly and quarterly reports, and in dynamic data tools that provide forecasts for prices, margins, costs, demand, production and trade flows.

Along with access to our expert steel alloy analysts, you will receive:

Noble Steel Alloy Market Service

  • Comprehensive analysis including long-term supply, demand and price forecasts for the individual commodities and coverage of the noble steel alloys value chain as a whole to 2050.
  • Written analysis accompanied by Excel datasheets.
  • Overview of the steel alloys industry with written analysis covering demand, supply and prices; a summary of recent events; a view of where we think the market is heading; and Excel datasheets.
  • Topical steel alloys market reports.
  • 50+

    countries analysed for supply and demand forecasts

  • 2050

    forecast horizon

We also offer a specific Vanadium Cost Service

The service offers the greatest depth and breadth of vanadium analysis available today. With insight into the cost makeup of the entire vanadium supply chain and the operating costs associated with the production, the Vanadium Cost Service enables users to more accurately understand the nuances of the vanadium industry and anticipate developments.

Along with access to our expert vanadium analysts, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive coverage of over 30 operating mines and plants, as well as analysis on expansions and projects currently under evaluation and development
  • Individual profiles for each asset, with data on development status, location, ownership, reserves and resources
  • Outlooks for capacity, production and operating cost from 2017 to 2030, with a breakdown of key operating costs


  • 30+

    assets costed

  • 20+

    companies covered

  • 10

    years forecast horizon

Designed to help you:
  • Better understand risks and opportunities
  • Screen, identify, and evaluate growth and acquisition opportunities
  • Analyse demand, supply, and price fundamentals on a global and country level
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends around the world
  • Benchmark against peers.

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