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Rare Earths Research Suite

Unmatched analysis of the entire rare earths supply chain to help you make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

Our Rare Earths Research Suite provides the greatest depth and breadth of rare earth metals research and analysis available today. Insight into the entire rare earths supply chain and major rare earths markets helps you understand the nuances of the rare earths industry and take advantage of developments.

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Designed to help you

With 12+ products analysed for supply, demand and pricing, a 30-year forecast horizon and 50+ companies profiled, we help you:

  • Access market guidance on global trends in pricing
  • Identify supply pipeline potential from mines and explore refined supply data from new projects and expansions
  • Evaluate the impact of key regulatory and legislative changes on global and regional markets
  • Analyse key trade routes within the global rare earths industry and multiple stages of the supply chain
  • Explore analysis on demand growth for key end use applications
  • Understand the impact of raw materials requirements

What do you get with the Rare Earths Research Suite?

Our Rare Earths Market Service provides the research and analysis that gives you a fuller understanding of the rare earths market. As well as access to our expert rare earth analysts, you also receive:

Rare Earths Market Service

Rare Earths Market Service


  • Comprehensive coverage of rare earths trends, niche applications and cross-cutting analysis
  • Detailed long-term outlook reports, including an extended outlook to 2050 and near-term outlooks to 2035
  • Extended outlook to 2050 built on a blend of core and new Wood Mackenzie proprietary models
  • Short-term outlooks to support quick, accurate decision-making
  • In-depth analysis into all aspects of the rare earths market, as well as forecasts, sustainability issues and price predictions
  • Client Excel datasheets of underlying data

Who is the Rare Earths Research Suite for?

Let our world-leading research and in-depth insights help you achieve your goals

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