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Zinc Research Suite

Leading zinc market research and analysis that gives you insight into the entire zinc supply chain today and how it will evolve in the future.

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Our zinc market research is delivered through a range of products to give you the unmatched industry-leading data and analysis. With a focus on increasing coverage of assets, providing ever-more granular analysis, responding to market events and obtaining on-the-ground information to make critical decisions.

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With 365 assets reports, 110 zinc smelters modelled, covering 150 zinc bearing concentrates and 120 lead bearing concentrates, we help you:

  • Better understand risks and opportunities
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends around the world
  • Understand key data at the asset level and identify drivers for cost competitiveness
  • Value existing assets and assess the effect of new projects on the industry cost curve
  • Analyse competitor assets to identify acquisition opportunities
  • See the long-term pricing outlook for refined zinc and concentrates

What do you get with the Zinc Research Suite?

The resurgence in zinc prices has led to renewed interested in project  financing. As activity increases, you need to understand what’s driving  prices, the potential turning points in the market, and the impact on individual asset cash flow and valuations. With our Zinc Research Suite, we give you industry-leading data and analysis in demand and supply, and costs for  mines, smelters and concentrates.

Zinc Market Service

Zinc Market Service

As well as access to our expert zinc analysts this service also provides you with unique commercial insight into the market fundamentals and cost position of the lead and zinc industries.


This includes:

  • Long-term outlooks covering our long-term view of the demand, supply, balances, and price forecasts of LME prices for zinc out to 2040
  • Short-term outlooks covering our short-term forecast (typically a two-year view based on quarterly reporting) for demand, supply, balances, and LME prices for zinc
  • Access to our online market tool which allows filtering and visualisation of our zinc market dataset through charts and graphs

Zinc & Lead Mines Cost Service

Zinc & Lead Mines Cost Service

As well as access to our expert zinc analysts this service also helps you understand and anticipate developments with forecasts on zinc and lead mine projects.


This includes:

  • Asset reports, with historical data and forecasts for production and costs
  • Cost summary, covering supply from a global perspective
  • Cost curve tool, showcasing our view of lead and zinc mines globally on a cost curve
  • Access to cost models for all the lead & zinc mines we cover

Zinc Concentrates Service

Zinc Concentrates Service

Obtain a complete picture on zinc concentrate supply, from mine​ to smelter production, and gain access to our expert zinc analysts.


This includes:

  • Long-term outlooks covering the flows of zinc concentrates from the lead/zinc mines to the zinc smelters
  • Access to our online concentrates tool, providing our view and dataset for zinc concentrates

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For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.
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