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Get a complete picture across the supply chain and understand market trends and the long-term pricing outlook for refined zinc and concentrates.


The resurgence in zinc prices has led to renewed interested in project financing. As activity increases, you need to understand what's driving prices, the potential turning points in the market, and the impact on individual asset cash flow and valuations. Our zinc market analysis gives you the industry-leading data and analysis you need to make critical decisions. 

What is the Zinc Research Suite?

Our integrated zinc research covers costs and market fundamentals for both refined zinc and concentrates. We analyse revenue, capital and operating costs so you can make confident, strategic operational and investment decisions.

Get a detailed view of each mine and smelter, understand the flow of concentrates from mine to smelters and access long-term pricing outlooks, along with supporting supply and demand fundamentals.

Coupled with Insight reports and access to our global team of analysts, the suite of products includes the following:

  • Zinc Short-Term Outlook: Monthly analysis on market developments and their impact on supply, demand, prices and treatment charges over the next three years. 
  • Zinc Long-Term Outlook: Quarterly market analysis and forecasts out to 2035 that helps guide strategic planning decisions and investments.
  • Zinc and Lead Mine Cost Model: Model that enables you to generate and flex industry cost curves, benchmark operations, and create peer group comparisons. 
  • Zinc Concentrates Service: Service that covers concentrate balances, trade flows, concentrates assays and treatment charge/refining charge forecasts.
  • Zinc Smelter Cost Model: Model that provides detailed insight into operating cost breakdowns and allows for comparative peer group analysis.
  • 365

    asset reports

  • 110

    zinc smelters modeled

  • 150

    zinc bearing concentrates

  • 120

    lead bearing concentrates

Designed to help you:
  • Understand the supply and demand dynamics in the concentrate and metal markets for zinc
  • Comprehend key data at the project, mine, smelter and country level
  • Analyse costs, cash flows and production forecasts
  • Value existing assets and assess the effect of new projects on the industry cost curve
  • Analyse competitor assets to identify acquisition opportunities
  • Benchmark against peers to understand competitive positioning