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Oil Supply Model

Understand how the oil price and supply outlook will evolve over time.

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Support investment decisions and determine commercial strategy with scenario modelling providing a dynamic oil markets outlook.

There is growing focus on what the future will be for the oil and gas industry, with emphasis on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reaching a net-zero pathway.

As capital markets and an ever-widening stakeholder community demand clarity and action on decarbonisation, demand for scenario analysis has never been higher. Assess what a dramatic change in oil demand would mean for oil supply and prices using the Oil Supply Model.

Features at a glance

Asset level granularity

  • Thousands of upstream assets each with production, economics and quality metrics
  • Discovery level exploration and reserves growth assets each with individual economics
  • Over 400 North American tight oil sub-plays modelled

Dynamic solver

  • Run the model in two ways solving for demand or price
  • The model schedules supply and dynamically calculates gas liquids

Edit inputs easily

  • Granular level edits through to global assumptions can be applied to the dataset in seconds

Detailed supply output

  • Granular asset level outputs, crude quality, cost curves and North American Well counts
  • Natural Gas Liquids can be viewed at the country level showing C2, C3, C4 and C5+

Designed to help you

  • Generate quantifiable outcomes for any oil market scenario – oil price and supply outlook
  • Highlight strategies to mitigate a slowing growth in demand and identify future opportunities and portfolio decisions
  • Evaluate and benchmark against competitors
  • Identify how both the crude slate and the products outlook will change through time
  • Run and compare multiple scenarios to assist the results of different scenarios