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What would an ExxonMobil-Chevron mega merger look like?

Discover how quickly you can run critical 'what if' analysis in Lens

Amid fourth quarter earnings reports, speculation around Chevron and ExxonMobil chief executives discussing a merger amidst the pandemic last year had the newswire buzzing.  While these preliminary discussions are no longer active, the impetus for companies to consolidate still exists to maximise efficiencies and drive down costs. 

Using our integrated analytics platform, Wood Mackenzie Lens®, our senior research experts put this ‘what-if’ scenario to the test by running a global valuation on the combined portfolios. Within seconds, we are able to assess each Major's portfolio, determine potential value-driven synergies and rapidly assess risk versus reward.

Watch the video below to see how quick and easy it is to create custom company portfolios and value them in real-time using our Lens Upstream solution.


What an ExxonMobil-Chevron merger would look like - a Lens spotlight

This Exxon-Chevron analysis is just one example of how you can use our Lens platform to build custom portfolios to assess strategic fit and value-driven synergies for potential M&A activity at speed and on the fly.

Lens Upstream is empowering teams to run critical 'What-if' analysis to assess opportunities and understand:

  • Strategic fit of potential targets

  • Critical synergies of a combined portfolio

  • Comparative $-per-barrel value of different acquisition targets

  • Those assets close to breakeven that require further due diligence

  • Operated vs non-operated asset mix

  • Impact of farming-in on the acquirers’ future capex profile

  • Potential buyers of an asset package based on the identified overlapping interests

  • Impact of divestments on a portfolio

  • Tax implications of a potential deal

  • Future capex spend due to portfolio changes

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