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Polyethylene Asset Cost Tool

Dynamic asset benchmarking for polyethylene unit

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In a complex operating landscape, understanding the competitiveness of polyethylene assets can be challenging. The Polyethylene Asset Cost Tool benchmarks 900+ global polyethylene assets, taking into account technologies, types of polyethylene, regions, plant size, level of integration and feedstocks in play.

The Polyethylene Asset Cost Tool can be used stand-alone and can enrich  Wood Mackenzie’s Ethylene Asset Cost Tool with downstream analysis.

  • Evaluate integrated polyethylene cost economics at the individual asset level
  • Analyse polyethylene supply using trusted price forecasts and fully integrated, rigorous data file
  • Benchmark performance of competitor assets on a plant gate and delivered cash cost basis
  • Optimise the performance of the company’s assets at major demand centres
  • Manage risk of supply chain disruptions by understanding the cost position of current and potential suppliers.

Use the Polyethylene Asset cost to:

  • Run scenarios by customising new and existing assets, currency, crude prices, inland and deep-sea logistics and feedstock costs to develop the optimum business plan that mitigates risk.
  • Design a detailed marketing plan by understanding the net-back prices and margins for new and existing assets at different market scenarios.

The Polyethylene Asset Cost tool delivers:

  • Visualisation tools that map out plant gate cash costs, delivered cash costs and netbacks using over 1,000 inland and deep-sea logistics routes
  • Detailed research into every existing and expected global polyethylene asset
  • Ethylene to polyethylene integrated delivered cash costs for over 900 assets, accounting for inland and deep-sea logistics, tariffs and currency fluctuation
  • Plant-by-plant manufacturing cost data integrated to ethylene cracker feedstocks, considering different polyethylene technology types (Gas Phase, Solution, Slurry and High-pressure technologies).

From plant gate to plastic manufacturing hub, the Polyethylene Asset Cost tool is designed to help you:

  • Evaluate assets under Wood Mackenzie price forecasts and user-defined price forecasts.
  • Understand producer rankings to satisfy global and regional polyethylene demand by type
  • Run scenarios to examine the integrated cost position by changing crude oil, regional ethane and coal prices
  • Identify the ideal location for a new asset and plan for future developments
  • Devise supply chain and feedstock strategies to improve asset netbacks.

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