Ethylene Asset Cost Tool

Lift the lid on supply forecasts and cost data and reveal the numbers behind each asset.

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The growth of unconventional gas and technological advances in chemical production have had a significant impact on company margins. Our Ethylene Asset Cost Tool helps you assess the impact of these changes on your current positions and plan for future development by revealing the data behind each asset.

Our customers use the Ethylene Asset Cost Tool to:

  • Evaluate current positions and plan for potential future developments
  • Understand upstream assets, chemical plants and refineries to make every step of the chain profitable
  • Access our latest view of how well assets are positioned relative to the competition
  • Examine our view of the price, cost and margin structure of every ethylene-producing asset around the world
  • Identify forward-supply availability for critical steam cracker co-products at the asset level
  • Assess how feedstock changes, availability and value will impact the wider global chemicals market
  • Drill deep around a single asset or compare the ranking of an asset across a group

The Ethylene Asset Cost Tool is Microsoft Excel-based and offers the following:

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Feedstock split / volumes
  • Cash cost of production / margin
  • Co-product production
  • Utilisation rate / outages
  • Asset ranking / peer analysis
  • Interactive pricing file (dynamic version)
  • Interactive asset cost models (dynamic version)
  • Model with adjustable parameters and scenario capable (dynamic version)

For more information on this study, download the brochure by completing the form on this page or contact chemicals@woodmac.com.

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