European oil products market signposts: ships sitting in Southwold

We take a closer look at what will change the supply/demand balance in the weeks ahead.

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Oil floating storage in Northwest Europe is a key signpost to watch for improvements in European oil demand. We take a closer look at diesel floating storage in the region and shipping flows that will change the supply/demand balance in the weeks ahead.

In this weekly review, we assess:

  • the changes in floating storage, in particular off the east coast of the UK near Southwold
  • the implications this has for the European distillates market
  • how Genscape's proprietary monitoring data has detected related changes in the European diesel trade flows

Genscape's near-term proprietary data will continue to provide the evidence base for Wood Mackenzie's higher frequency, short-term European supply forecasts. Monitoring the flow changes, storage volumes and refinery production will continue to form the basis of Wood Mackenzie's pricing analysis.

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