How the OKI Regional Council used Vesseltracker AIS data to increase safety and boost local businesses

A case study on how Vesseltracker data improved operations for OKI

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US inland waterways are a cost-effective means for transporting natural resource commodities including petroleum, crude and coal. Receiving insight into vessel movements along the 36,000 miles of waterway is crucial for understanding both passenger and domestic freight transportation and global trade.

For David Shuey, GIS Manager at the Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI), data is everything. In OKI’s region of interest, the winding Ohio River presented a challenge in sourcing complete AIS data, and Shuey needed more insight from an external source.

After doing some research, Shuey discovered Vesseltracker and we launched our membership in mid-2019, giving OKI access to real-time insights into US inland waterways. We recently spoke with Shuey to uncover the challenges OKI was facing and the benefits they currently leverage as an AIS partner with Vesseltracker.

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