Canada upstream: 4 things to look for in 2022

Predictions for the year ahead

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What's inside this year's report? 

In 2022, Canadian companies will continue to see robust cash flow and continued development towards emissions targets. 

In Canada upstream: 4 things to look for in 2022, we look at key themes for Canadian operators:

  • Natural gas production: capital has shifted to target gas, could Canada iachieve a production mark not seen in 20 years? 
  • Record-setting oil sands production: off of a strong 2021, the oil sands are set to hit records in both mining and in situ
  • Carbon capture and storage development: with provincial guidelines in place and federal negotiations underway, is an FID rush imminent?
  • Atlantic Canada resurgence: with exploration activity planned, could 2022 be the turning point for Atlantic Canada and see its return to past glory?

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