2023 outlook

Mixed signals for power and renewables in 2023

The ongoing impact of the energy crisis in Europe. The Inflation Reduction Act’s boon to renewables in the US. These are interesting times for power and renewables players worldwide – so what will the year ahead bring? Read our experts’ predictions.

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A tricky mix of tailwinds and headwinds will buffet power and renewables companies in 2023. National-level ambition across Europe, US and Asia to decarbonise power supply remains high – with renewed impetus from the European energy crisis. But reality is not matching ambition. Policies are not keeping up with the market.

It’ll be a year of dealing with mixed signals for management teams. And this is not conducive to accelerating capital budgets, especially in Europe.

Companies will adapt their strategies and investment plans to the different outlooks for power and renewables in various regions. But what are the key strategic themes to look for in 2023? And what are the wildcards that could come into play over the course of the year?

In our corporate overview, we assess the landscape for leading power and renewables companies over the coming year. The report focuses on five topics:

  1. Evolution of the renewables’ playbook takes a leap forward
  2. Uncertainty and bottlenecks hamper European companies
  3. US renewables really heats up
  4. Emerging technology in focus
  5. Supply chain issues ease, but don’t disappear.

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Plus, scroll down to access additional reports that drill down into our regional predictions for the year ahead:


Europe’s energy crisis has changed the region’s policy priorities. Power prices reached record highs in 2022 and governments have intervened to protect consumers. Security of energy supply has fallen into doubt. Against this tumultuous background, what will the year ahead have in store?

Read our view in European power & renewables: 5 things to look for in 2023.

Peter Osbaldstone, Research Director, Europe Power

Latin America

Latin America will end 2022 with more than 20 GW of new installed renewable capacity. How much growth in wind, solar and storage do we predict in 2023? What’s the most competitive technology in the region? And what impact will Brazil’s new administration have on the energy sector?

Read our take in Latin America power and renewables: 5 key things to look for in 2023.

Leila Garcia da Fonseca, Senior Manager, Wind and Solar O&M

North America

Volatility in 2022 fundamentally changed how we understand the intersection of power markets, fuel security, supply chain, globalisation and policy. How has the landscape changed – and what are the emerging trends?

Read What to watch for in 2023: the evolving landscape of North American power markets to find out more.

Sam Berman, Principal Analyst, Power & Renewables

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