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Weathering the storm: the call for microgrids in the new energy landscape

A discussion with Schneider Electric and Wood Mackenzie

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We live in interesting and challenging times. Natural disasters have seemingly become a way of life. Looking just at a sampling of storms in 2021, the US National Centers for Environmental Information, a division of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, reports that Hurricane Ida caused over $65 billion in damages, and that during the year there were another 15 major storms that resulted.

As our society learns how to prepare for and respond to these types of natural disasters, nowhere is the need for preparation and timely responsiveness more acute than with the electric grid, upon which our entire society depends on as the engine for everything from basic health and safety needs to complex commercial and industrial applications.

This mini-brief explores one solution that is emerging to provide added resiliency, reliability and flexibility for both day-to-day electricity needs as well as during times of natural disasters: microgrids.

Key takeaways include:

  • How microgrids are a key part of providing resiliency and reliability for customers during natural or even man-made disasters
  • An examination of a few examples of the impact microgrids are having
  • How the Schneider Microgrid Solution is providing breakthroughs in the changing utility world

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