Gastech 2023 leadership roundtable post event reports

A round up of the key discussions from the Gastech 2023 leadership roundtables

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Gastech 2023 was an invaluable opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-changing natural gas and energy industries. With industry leaders and experts sharing insights on technologies, trends, and best practices, attendees gained crucial knowledge and connections.

As the official knowledge partner of Gastech 2023, Wood Mackenzie contributed a distinct viewpoint to the dialogue about the future of gas and LNG. Wood Mackenzie hosted a series of invite-only dynamic roundtables which formed an integral part of the Gastech 2023 thought leadership agenda. Several closed-door roundtables, on a range of topics, took place within the event’s exclusive Gastech Energy Club.

The roundtables helped to facilitiate important discussions and themes including:

  •  The LNG supply/demand conundrum 
  • How will the gas and LNG industry make a step change in its decarbonising efforts?
  • Global policy: how are governments shaping the outlook for gas and LNG
  • Financing the transition

And more. 

To read about these discussions in full, fill in the form to download the gastech leadership roundtable post event reports.

Gastech 2024 preparations are underway for this year's event in Houston. Please get in touch if you have any questions.