Canada upstream: what to look for in 2021

Predictions for the year ahead

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What's inside this year's report?

While last year’s pandemic responses and reactions will still play a key role in shaping the 2021 Canadian upstream sector, companies will also need to pull out of survival mode and begin to make longer term shifts.

For example, could investments into reducing methane emissions, building a nascent hydrogen industry and sequestering and utilising carbon put Canada in a leading role on many ESG topics?

In ‘Canada upstream: 5 things to look for in 2021’ we explore the key themes that could shape the year ahead:

  1. M&A consolidation to continue in Canada
  2. Fort Hills finally free – oil sands projects get unshackled from government curtailment
  3. Exploration – a tale of two trends on the East Coast
  4. ESG priorities – advancing methane emissions reduction and CCUS
  5. Gas enters a new (moderate) growth phase. 

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