Caspian upstream: 5 things to look for in 2021

Predictions for the year ahead

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What's inside this year's report?

After a year that defied predictions, the Caspian upstream sector is still regrouping. Our expectations for 2021 have also reset.

If there is one question that will dominate conversations, it is this: how can future Caspian upstream projects be made lower-risk, lower-cost, lower-carbon and higher-return? The region’s oil and gas industry must keep up with the energy transition and evolving corporate strategies.

To find out more read our regional outlook, where our experts explore the key themes to watch in the year ahead. This includes: 

  1. Azerbaijan exploration - where is the volume and where is the value?
  2. Uzbekistan's upstream evolution - how will launch of its GTL plant shape the sector?
  3. Kazakh competitiveness - what should happen in 2021 to avoid an investment 'cliff edge'?
  4. Regional energy transition - will the Majors shift their strategy up a gear?
  5. M&A and licensing - what opportunities are out there and what are the wildcards?

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