MENA upstream: 5 things to look for in 2021

Predictions for the year ahead

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What's inside this year's report?

Turbulence and resilience will remain at the heart of the story in 2021.

In terms of oil production, it's still unclear how fast OPEC+ will increase supply in the face of a fragile and uncertain demand. It will require strong leadership and collective discipline to navigate the coming year. For investments, several shovel-ready projects were paused in 2020 and could happen next year. Could 2021 prove to be a bumper year for some players? 

Meanwhile, low oil prices could see the energy transition accelerate in the region, shifting more attention to gas and renewables.

Read MENA upstream: 5 things to look for in 2021 for our experts' analysis of:

  1. Production: pressure within the ranks of OPEC producers
  2. Investment: the region could buck the global FID trend
  3. Qatar: giant North Field Expansion still moving full steam ahead
  4. Government budgets: countries will continue to raise cash, potentially selling upstream assets
  5. Energy transition: the shift to gas and renewables accelerates. 

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