Lithium: 5 things to look for in 2024

Predictions for the year ahead

1 minute read

Lithium demand remains the posterchild for battery raw material requirements. However, its rate of growth is slowing with a maturing market, more muted EV sales and a falling intensity of use within the evolving landscape of cathode chemistries.

On the supply side, new mineral project ramp-ups in Australia and China will be supplemented by additional production in Brazil and Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, we expect to see strong growth in the supply of lithium chemicals from China, where output is forecast to increase significantly in 2024. There will also be continued ramp-up of lithium chemicals in Chile, Argentina and Australia.

With the lithium industry being relatively immature and experiencing strong growth, many things could have a significant impact. Drawing on insight from our Lithium Research Suite, this report explores the critical things to look for in 2024, including:

  • Price evolution
  • Continued direct lithium extraction (DLE) enthusiasm 
  • And more. 

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