Let's Share the Sun

Meet our 2024 volunteers

Wood Mackenzie has been providing support to Let's Share the Sun charity since  2021. Since then, we have sent WoodMackers to the region to install solar panels and energy storage systems on houses destroyed and impacted by Hurricane Katrina and a women's shelter that provides safe housing for survivors of domestic violence.

We are now proud to present our 2024 volunteers and share a small insight into why they're heading for Puerto Rico in March.

Luke Lewandowski, VP, Global Renewables Research

I’m very inspired, motivated, and humbled to have the opportunity to continue our impactful engagement with Let's Share the Sun.  Now in the initiative’s third year, the positive and lasting impact our shared WoodMac commitment has in transforming the way these recipients power their lives brings joy, pride, and fulfilment to everyone involved. 

Kate Bremner, VP, Marketing – Digital & Content

Having worked in utilities and power sectors for almost two decades, I jumped at the chance to witness the life changing power of renewables to change people’s lives in a country so impacted by climate change. 

Outside of work I try to make a difference to my local community through grassroots charity work and the opportunity to do the same in Puerto Rico was too good to pass up. I’m hoping to be able to bring back lessons from across the globe to the charity work I am involved in at home. I’m hoping to inspire others to get involved in volunteer work in whatever way they can. 

Paula Quiller, Senior Operations Manager

One of my team was a part of the 2023 LSTS cohort. I had an equal measure of pride and happiness - plus a tinge of jealousy! It sounded like an amazing adventure, exploring a new place and helping the communities in Puerto Rico with life changing solar panels.

I’m so delighted to have been selected and to be able to help communities move out of energy poverty. I’m looking forward to being able to help communities in a very practical way, getting my hands dirty where needed.  

Ana Fernández García, Senior Research Analyst, Southern Europe Wind Team

Offering a future to the communities that do not have access to the power grid is one of the most exciting benefits of renewable energy. 

Participating in an impactful project, like the one WoodMac and Let’s Share The Sun Foundation are undertaking, has always been on my mind ever since I decided to focus my career on renewable energy. 

I hope to get to know the people and the community of Adjuntas, understand their needs and way of life, and contribute to their sustainable development.

Steve Robertson-Pool, Digital Videography & Motion Design Manager

For the last two years I have been closely involved in the Let’s Share the Sun partnership. As a videographer, I’ve sought to drive awareness around the challenges that many Puerto Ricans face in terms of energy security and energy equity, and the great work that Let’s Share the Sun has being doing to bring reliable - and often life-changing - solar energy to families and communities in need. After editing the many interviews and stories from previous trips, I wanted to have the chance to meet the inspirational figures involved, and to see and hear firsthand the impact that solar can have. 

 Shannon Buckley, Senior Customer Support Specialist

I volunteered to join this initiative because I want to make a difference in other people’s lives and support individuals who are positively making an impact on our environment directly. I hope to bring a positive impact to people’s lives, to show them that they are seen and cared for. Additionally, I hope to gain a new sense of gratitude and grow as an individual. 

Fiona Murray, Learning and Development Partner

I have undertaken fundraising and volunteering in the past (all Scotland based and involving outdoor pursuits and challenges for Cancer Research) and felt that this would be a great opportunity to expand my experience and give back to people who deserve it.

I’m looking forward to connecting with colleagues from other parts of the business I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to work with. I’m excited to make a difference and to feel more connected to our mission of transforming the way we power our planet.  

Octa Delgado, Product Owner

Let's Share the Sun and specifically our involvement in the project embodies what I feel is best practice when supporting a community we are not a part of. The combined action across fundraising, direct in-person engagement and using our networks to act as loudspeakers for their cause strikes the right chord in me. Combine this with a cause I believe in, and... of course I could not help myself from applying to join it! 

Sonia Snell Senior Specialist, Marketing Performance Reporting

The collaboration of Wood Mackenzie with Let’s Share the Sun is the essence of the ‘Transform the way we power our planet’ motto. I believe participating in this project will give me an incredible opportunity to make a real impact and difference in people’s lives not only by sharing the gift of power, but also everything else that comes with that, like security, independence, and safety.

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