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Wood Mackenzie's Battery & Raw Materials Research

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Battery & Raw Materials insights

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Our Product Suite

We have increased our coverage of assets - providing ever-more granular insights – and now include enhanced long-term forecasts and monthly short-term outlooks for all major metals and mined commodities. 


The Battery & Raw Materials Service provides the industry’s most comprehensive analysis of this booming market within the metals sector, integrating our leading coverage of the energy ‘decarbonisation’ story with world-class metals analyses so that you understand your investment options and confidently make informed business decisions that will position your company for future growth.


Wood Mackenzie’s metals and mining research suite 

As the energy transition accelerates, metals will continue to play an increasingly large role in batteries and renewable technologies.

Our expanded research capabilities include cost and market services for key energy transition metals and mined commodities, including battery raw materials and steel value chain materials.

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