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The developer ecosystem needs answers

Unknowns can make or break a project. Use the best data and analysis to check your assumptions and account for the unexpected.

Powerful data and analysis to answer the most pressing project development questions.

Datasets for developers include:

  • Price forecasts for 100 zonal power points at the hourly, monthly and annual level
  • Capture rates for wind and solar
  • Capital costs and LCOE forecasts by technology
  • Forecast transmission flows and congestion
  • Revenue recovery for new investments
  • REC price forecasts and RPS data

Plus access to historical and forecast data points:

  • Historical unit level fuel burn, generation, capacity factors
  • Historical and forecast zonal power prices and capacity auction prices
  • Historical and forecast natural gas prices
  • Project planning

    Deploy interactive data tools to tell the story of a project over its lifetime

  • Benchmarking

    Model a wide range of scenarios related to performance and operations

  • Competitive analysis

    Understand competitors with granular data

  • Price estimates

    Command in depth analysis on market fundamentals across multiple regions

Beyond data: Industry standard analysis

  • What risks are there to this project 10, 15, 20 years down the line?
  • How will the emergence of storage affect our market outlook?
  • How can we maximize project margins in uncertain electricity price and regulatory scenarios?

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Source: Wood Mackenzie North America Power Data Tool

Solar panels and wind turbines in the desert on a backdrop of mountains and clear blue skies.

Decision-making with industry leading power data and analysis