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Our latest four part research series will delve into Colombia's unprecedented political shifts, consequential policies, and drive towards accelerated energy transition. Complete the form on the page to sign up for the series and get first access to the reports as they are published over the coming weeks.

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1. Following the money trail: Colombia’s fiscal reform

Colombia’s government relies heavily on income from fossil fuels. Will the latest fiscal reform prove to be effective in gathering more resources or will it detract future investment? Who are the winners and losers?

2. Small giants: Colombian midcaps

Colombian midcaps are a major force in Colombia’s upstream sector and are set to play an important role in the energy space. Who are they and how do they compare?

3. Good intentions, unintended consequences? Exploration policy and upstream regulation

Colombia re-affirmed its commitment to move away from the fossil fuel economy during the World Economic Forum in Davos this year by announcing they would no longer award new oil and gas exploration contracts. Could government policy be hurting the energy transition the government so wants?

4. Beyond the targets: energy transition in Colombia

Colombia has set aggressive targets for its energy transitions pathway. Setting goals is the easy part, but every conversation must revolve around economic and practical feasibility. What are the Colombia specific challenges?

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