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Approved Enauta and 3R Petroleum merger creates operation that could surpass 100,000 boe/d production

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Addressing the approved merger of 3R Petroleum and Enauta, Amanda Bandeira, Upstream Research Analyst, said “The combination of businesses between Enauta and 3R Petroleum creates a new operation that could surpass the 100,000 boe/d production mark, competing head-to-head against Prio, currently the larger Brazilian independent operator in the country.

“This is a complementary merger between the two companies. Enauta adds expertise in offshore operations, while 3R Petroleum, with a more diversified portfolio, brings to the table heavy onshore operations experience,” added Bandeira.

As anticipated by Wood Mackenzie in “The rise of independent operators in Brazil” insight, the end of Petrobras' divestment programme would start a new era in deal-making. Mid-caps would need to pivot to acquiring minority asset stakes from some Majors or consolidate with each other.

Wood Mackenzie analysis foresees this new combined operation focusing first on integration but constantly looking for new inorganic growth opportunities in the country or even internationally.

“Mid-term, stronger cash generation and the combined expertise of both companies can also open space for the new company to be exposed to riskier activities such as exploration. Both companies have exploration acreage that hasn't seen activities due to other capital investment priorities,” said Vinicius Diniz Moraes, Upstream Research Analyst.