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Wood Mackenzie and Let’s Share the Sun donate solar PV and energy storage system to women’s shelter in Puerto Rico

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On International Women’s Day, Wood Mackenzie, in partnership with Let’s Share the Sun and other third parties, dedicated 51 solar panels and battery storage to a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Puerto Rico. The fully installed 25 kW-DC system will provide a significant portion of the shelter’s power needs.

The shelter is one of the largest shelters in the National Network of Domestic Violence Safe Houses and can provide shelter for more than 100 women.

“This was a very unique opportunity to provide energy and domestic security to an area that often lacks both,” said Luke Lewandowski, VP, global renewables research for Wood Mackenzie. “It means a lot to work with this shelter on International Women’s Day and support this community through the benefits of sustainable energy. This new solar and storage system will provide financial relief to the shelter and give energy independence to this at-risk population.” 

According to Lewandowski, power in this region of Puerto Rico is frequently out, and, when power has been available, costs have been rapidly increasing, placing burdens on residents and communities.

Joining Lewandowski at the dedication were: Bill Jordan co-founder and president of the Let’s Share the Sun Foundation, Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of Solar Energy Industry Association, Augustin Carbo, Director of the Puerto Rico Grid Recovery and Modernization Team.

Wood Mackenzie’s continued work and commitment to supporting improved energy security

Wood Mackenzie will send nine delegates to Puerto Rico this month, the third consecutive year that Wood Mackenzie has sent a volunteer delegation to Puerto Rico to support the Let's Share the Sun initiatives. Let’s Share the Sun is a 501c3 foundation that facilitates the use of solar and energy storage in poor communities throughout the world.

Once again, the team will offer fundraising and on-the-ground volunteering in the Adjuntas region of Puerto Rico.

In 2023, the team installed 252 solar panels that will help power 39 homes and a domestic violence safe house in the Ponce area.

“Our continued collaboration with Let’s Share the Sun demonstrates our commitment to this important mission of providing renewable energy to impoverished communities,” said Lewandowski. “This year, we plan on doing more work than we have ever done in our continued mission to help the impoverished gain energy access and transform the way we power the planet.”

Founded in 2010, Let’s Share the Sun has helped install solar power in energy impoverished areas of Haiti, Honduras and Puerto Rico.

“These solar installation delegation trips have a real personal and economic impact to beneficiaries, delegation participants, and the local solar installation partners; this year Sol de la Montana and ISO Solar,” said Bernadette Jordan, Let’s Share the Sun’s Executive Director.  “Last year, we partnered with Wood Mackenzie to provide services to several homes in Adjuntas and completed work on our first domestic violence safe house. This year, we are inspired to build upon this success and work on our second domestic violence safe house and we will continue our work on residential homes in Adjuntas.”

Donations to the Let’s Share the Sun and Wood Mackenzie solar installation projects in Puerto Rico can be made here.