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Electric Vehicle Service

Connect the moving parts between oil, mining, fuel, power and infrastructure industries to gain a full view of electric vehicles' global market impacts in a one-stop solution.

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Evaluate electric vehicle market growth across the complete value chain

Electric Vehicles (EVs) present one of the largest uncertainties facing global transportation, utility, oil and fuel markets, and the metals value chain. Rapidly changing EV economics and technological innovations are disrupting all these sectors markets, and all around the world.

Market intelligence is siloed for stakeholders in the EV market, including investment firms, automotive companies, battery producers and integrated oil companies.

Plan for the future with a full view of the EV market across three key industries: mining, power and oil/fuels. Our Electric Vehicle Service gives you access to comprehensive data and analysis from established experts and enables you to forecast the global markets impacted by a burgeoning advanced transportation industry.

What is the Electric Vehicle Service?

Our Electric Vehicle Service gives you a whole value-chain view of how large the EV market across countries and regions, how the EV landscape is evolving and how the energy transition in transport links oils, metals, fuels, power and infrastructure markets. By leveraging the wider Wood Mackenzie energy view of battery technology, fuel displacement and energy storage adoption, the service provides a robust, integrated and independent view of the global electric vehicle story.

This unique one-stop shop service delivers a wide-ranging forecast and analysis of the major demand and supply trends across the EV segment.

You'll receive:

  • Commodity level impacts across oil, fuels, power, infrastructure and metals and mining
  • Bi-annual long- term reports with detailed market forecasts out to 2040
  • Detailed fuel, power and battery analysis covering demand, capacity, supply, infrastructure and costs
  • Access to industry-leading analysts
  • 2

    annual long-term reports with market forecasts out to 2040

  • 12+

    thematic insights delivered annually

  • 14

    proprietary datasets

  • Access

    to industry-leading analysts

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