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Cost Intelligence

Unrivalled in-depth data and insights into supply chain costs and underlying commodity and labour markets.

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Identify market-based risks and opportunities

Many organisations struggle to answer the questions: "Are my prices trending in line with the market, and if not, what factors are driving the cost differences?" Cost Intelligence® provides proprietary cost models that allow historical and forecasted analysis of cost trends.

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Designed to help you:

Cost Intelligence lies within the Supply Chain Intelligence Platform and enables users to understand cost trends over time to reflect commodity movements and market dynamics. It offers the facility to conduct deep-dive analysis into costs, track market trends, forecast recurring costs and maximise alignment to the market. Cost Intelligence helps organisations to:

Achieve substantial savings through data-driven, more transparent supplier negotiations

Understand the cost composition of purchased items and services

Identify cost trends over time by tying the underlying costs of items and services to relevant market indices

Forecast and predict market-based cost risks

Pinpoint pockets of opportunity resulting from volatile market movements

Evaluate contract performance over time relative to market cost movements

Leverage relevant and granular indices to aid in pricing formula composition

Act quickly by accessing thousands of cost models and should-cost trends, and tens of thousands of commodity and labour market cost indices

What do you get with Cost Intelligence?

The modules within the Wood Mackenzie Supply Chain Intelligence Platform offer data and insights to support cost reduction, risk management and performance improvement. Cost Intelligence enables users to identify market-based risks and opportunities with access to thousands of cost models and indices, should-cost trends, and qualitative market reports. This enables organisations to quickly understand and act upon market dynamics at a regional, national, and international level.

Get access to:

  • Historical cost trend data dating back to 2000 and forecasted cost trend data out to 5 years in the future
  • Libraries of item- and service-level cost models that cover all key cost categories
  • 30,000+ underpinning commodity and labour cost indices
  • 1,500+ item and service should-cost models tying commodity and labour cost indices to weighted cost drivers
  • In-built functionality to create and customise models and libraries and upload your own market indices

Who is Cost Intelligence for?

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Whether you are looking for ways to identify cost savings, forecast cost risks or identify how item costs change, our experts are on hand to advise on how the proprietary, in-depth data within the Supply Chain Intelligence Platform and Cost Intelligence can provide insights to meet your requirements.

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.
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