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Renewable Asset Cost Modeling

Make more informed decisions through CapEx and O&M cost estimates tailored to your assets' specific characteristics.

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Why choose our Renewable Asset Cost Modeling (RACM)?

Considering factors such as commodity volatility, geopolitics, supply and demand, and fluctuating grid-connection costs are causing uncertainty in the market, it's increasingly difficult to develop a good understanding for project cost. With our proprietary Renewable Asset Cost Model (RACM), you can streamline your cost estimating process and validate development decision making with dynamic project configuration filters which can be analysed all in one view. 

Features of this service


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  • Access high-quality, proprietary cost data across thousands of renewable energy projects globally via qualitative inputs from our team of energy experts who stay informed on new market perspectives as they develop.
  • Produce rapid project cost scenario tests to determine component- and project-level cost discrepancies to inform your asset investment decision-making.
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  • Compare EPC bid pricing with benchmark to identify natural negotiation opportunity areas to minimise costs.
  • Generate cost buildups, forecasts, and impacts for any contemplated solar, onshore wind, or battery storage CapEx or OpEx project to stay ahead of market changes while keeping costs low.
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  • Simplify your internal project approval process with executives or investment boards with our trusted benchmarking data which is informed by thousands of distinct renewables projects across the market landscape.
  • Forecast and monitor supply-demand factors, commodity trends, policy, technological advancements for comprehensive investment analyses.

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Developers, Utilities & IPPs

Developers, Utilities & IPPs

Generating a project cost estimate can be very manual, time-consuming, and requires an understanding of a variety of factors impacting those costs. Our cost model provides component-by-component and $/Watt prices per renewable technology for optimal strategising, budgeting, and ROI calculations as new market perspectives are developed.

Category & Procurement Managers

Category & Procurement Managers

Forecasting how CapEx and OpEx costs are expected to trend going forward requires a full breadth of data and research to precisely predict. Our model reliably and accurately projects cost trends which provides assurance and confidence in negotiations to navigate various market perspectives and obtain optimal cost benchmarks all at your fingertips.



Stay ahead of the increasing market complexity by scenario-testing projects to keep informed on cost and buildup discrepancies before they happen. Streamline the project cost estimating process and validate investment decisions with dynamic project configuration filters. With our model being fast and easy-to-use and filled with high-quality & accurate data, we help you offset the risk of market fluctuations for optimal price efficiencies.

RACM by the numbers

$8T of supply chain spend

120K+ competitive bid events providing visibility into 1000+ renewable energy projects

30K+ Indices in our proprietary database that are available at your fingertips

25M+ unique cost estimates provided

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Advance your position in the energy transition by cost-effectively building, owning, and operating renewables assets.

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.


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