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Supply Market Intelligence

Like-for-like granular industry benchmarks for comparison to the market at the unit rate, category, and project levels

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Evaluate whether contracts are competitive in the market

The data required to conduct like-for-like comparisons of cost
performance to the market is typically severely limited. Supply
Market IntelligenceTM offers unit pricing as well as project and
asset-level benchmarks, leveraging Wood Mackenzie's
industry-specific data assets and expertise.

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Supply Market Intelligence lies within the Supply Chain Intelligence Platform and offers recurring item-, service-, or project-specific
benchmarks to provide visibility into performance against the market. Supply Market Intelligence allows organisations to:

Drive visibility into highly technical equipment and service costs, identifying where cost efficiencies can be gained across individual

Identify where cost efficiencies may be gained through granular insight into price performance on individual components

Evaluate whether contracted rates are competitive with the market and established baseline target pricing

Measure pricing performance by category,
region, or supplier

Generate ground-up, component-by-
component, $/Watt project cost estimates for
key renewable energy technologies

Forecast renewable energy project costs 5 years
into the future, to inform estimating and

Analyse efficiency and KPM achievement
through internal performance benchmarks

What do you get with Supply Market Intelligence?

The modules within the Wood Mackenzie Supply Chain Intelligence Platform offer data and insights to support cost reduction, risk
management and performance improvement. Supply Market Intelligence enables users to evaluate contracted rates against the
market and conduct data-driven project cost estimation and budgeting.

Get access to

Get access to

  • Recurring benchmark analyses, comprising peer set maximum, average, and minimum
  • Benchmark analyses built at both the item and project level
  • Deliverables built by leveraging Wood Mackenzie's proprietary data assets, including over
    $8 Trillion in transaction industry spend, over 400 million transactions, over 5,000
    completed benchmark analyses, and over 120,000 bid events

Additional analytical layers for:

Additional analytical layers for:

  • Renewables Data - to enable parametric modelling renewables project CAPEX and OPEX

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Whether you are looking for ways to identify cost efficiencies at a 
item level, for renewables at a project level, or to gain more insight into item costs for category plans, our experts are on hand to advise on how the proprietary, in-depth data within the Supply Chain Intelligence Platform and Supply Market Intelligence can provide insights to meet your requirements.

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.
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