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The US Market for Stand up Pouches to 2018

The US Market for Stand up Pouches to 2018

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As a packaging format, the stand-up pouch has been in existence in the US for many years but volume growth has accelerated rapidly in recent times, increasing by 50% during the 5 years to 2013. It can now be found across a broad range of food and non-food applications, making life convenient for the consumer. Gain insights into the key growth drivers in this dynamic market through 2018.

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  • Executive Summary and Conclusions
  • Introduction
  • The US Stand-Up Pouch Market
  • The US Retort Stand-Up Pouch Market
  • The US Non-Retort Stand-Up Pouch Market
  • Stand-Up Pouch-Making and filling machinery manufacturers
  • Profiles of leading stand-up pouch and pouch laminate producers
  • Appendices
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