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LNG dynamics and the corporate landscape

LNG dynamics and the corporate landscape

Report summary

This paper, prepared for Wood Mackenzie's participation at the 2016 LNG 18 conference, looks at the shifting dynamics of the industry and the growing participation of the portfolio player.

Lower demand and over-supply in Asia, has forced incumbent LNG buyers to develop LNG portfolios. LNG is now diverted or reloaded to international regas capacity or alternative markets. There are now risks that buyers could become dependent upon a small group of global portfolio players, as the BG acquisition by Shell suggests, while the growing appetite shown for equity LNG suggests to some that buyers may become excluded from supply access.

However, it is more likely that the growing number of portfolio players will prevent such an outcome. As more portfolio players are established, competitive intensity is more likely to improve. Recent FLNG offtake deals show how new supply can be developed without dominant players. US LNG also continues to provide opportunities for new market entrants. 

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This LNG Insight report highlights the key issues surrounding this topic, and draws out the implications for those involved.

If you want to look at the trends, risks and implications of this topic, this report gives you an alternative point of view to help inform your decision making.

Offering bottom-up market analysis for over 150 LNG supply assets, 28 LNG-importing countries and more than 500 LNG contracts, Wood Mackenzie is the definitive and trusted resource for the LNG industry.

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  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Buyer dynamics
    • Over-contracted Asian incumbents face growing competition from new entrants…
    • ...and need to develop global footprints
  • Seller dynamics
    • Sellers are broadening access to customers…
    • ...with scope for seller cooperation
  • Rise of the portfolio player
    • There are few pure portfolio players...
    • …but more companies are considering the advantages of portfolio…
    • ...and supply concentration looks set to grow
  • Conclusions

In this report there are 9 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Buyer dynamics
    • Chart 1: Competition for LNG demand by market
    • Chart 2: Emerging company access to regas
  • Seller dynamics
    • Chart 3: Long term contracts signed (Jan 14 - Jan 16)
    • Chart 4: Flexible LNG volumes in 2023
    • Chart 5: Contracted LNG sourced by basin (2021)
    • Chart 6: LNG Commitments by basin (2021)
  • Rise of the portfolio player
    • Figure 1
    • Chart 7: Contracted LNG supply
    • Chart 8: Equity vs Project supply
  • Conclusions
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