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Singapore power markets long-term outlook 2015

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05 August 2015

Singapore power markets long-term outlook 2015

Report summary

In this H1 2015 full report we assess changes in supply, demand and price. This includes how Singapore's Wholesale Electricity Prices have slumped to operating cost levels at around S$80/MWh. The wholesale price may end up even lower once the Tuaspring plant comes on line by the end of 2015. This therefore raises doubts over the sustainability of the new entrants. Sporadic price spikes since April have offered occasional relief for some companies as it has raised average prices.

Table of contents

    • Data Summary
    • Market Overview
      • Electricity price decreases further in 2015
      • Electricity futures trading begins
      • Spark spread
    • Economic Indicators
    • Key stakeholders
      • Key offices
    • Energy Policy
      • Competition
      • Fuel mix
      • Pricing
    • Power Market Regulation
      • Market operator
      • Generation
      • Transmission & Distribution
      • Retail
      • Regulation
    • Capacity & reserve margin
    • Breakeven Cost By Technology
    • New-build economics
      • The new-build plant economics calculates the break-even cost of alternative plant technologies and is determined by the capital and operational costs (namely fuel).
      • Screening Curves
      • Sensitivity on Gas Breakeven Prices by Technology
    • Short Run Marginal Cost Analysis
    • In this section
    • Singapore Power Transmission Infrastructure
      • Power Infrastructure - Current
      • Power Infrastructure - Map
      • Power Infrastructure – Planned & Possible
    • Power demand
      • GDP Growth and Power Sales
    • Annual generation forecast
    • Plant utilisation (capacity factor)
    • Transmission utilisation across regions
    • Captive power
      • Captive Power Demand
      • Current and Future Captive Capacity
    • End-user tariffs
    • Power Price Forecast
      • Average Annual System Short-run Cost
      • Spark-spread
    • GDP Sensitivity on Gas Demand

Tables and charts

This report includes 35 images and tables including:

  • Q1 2015 GDP Forecast - Singapore
  • Reserve margin with combined cycle plant at licensed capacity
  • Wholesale electricity prices
  • Singapore power available capacity
  • Singapore power market balance
  • Singapore gas demand
  • Key changes to power analysis from H2 2014 publication:
  • Existing and planned capacity with peak load
  • Capacity by plant type and reserve margin
  • Breakeven Cost (LRMC) Based on Technology (2020 prices)
  • Singapore 2015 merit order
  • Singapore 2025 merit order
  • Grid generation by fuel used (TWh)
  • Grid generation by fuel used (%)
  • Annual capacity factor by plant type (% utilisation)
  • Power import from Malaysia
  • Singapore wholesale and regulated retail prices
  • Singapore wholesale prices in S$ and US$
  • GDP growth assumptions for high and low cases
  • Power demand sensitivity on gas demand
  • Singapore’s energy policy and regulatory structure
  • Singapore power market value chain
  • Major Energy Legislation
  • New plant economics by technology (LRMC)
  • Singapore electricity infrastructure
  • GDP growth and power sales growth
  • Power sales
  • Singapore captive power sales
  • Existing captive power capacity
  • Planned and forecast captive power capacity
  • Average annual short term generation costs by system and plant type
  • Annual average price forecast
  • Annual average price by period type
  • Annual system price vs plant short run cost
  • Levelised capex vs spark spreads

What's included

This report contains:

  • Document

    Singapore Power Data.xls

    XLS 698.66 KB

  • Document

    Singapore power markets long-term outlook 2015

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  • Document

    Singapore power markets long-term outlook 2015

    ZIP 1.05 MB

  • Document

    Executive summary

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  • Document

    Economic outlook

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  • Document

    Policy and regulation

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  • Document


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  • Document


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  • Document


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  • Document


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  • Document

    Supply-demand balances

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  • Document

    Risks and uncertainties

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