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We provide research and consultancy to over 2,000 customers spanning the natural resources sectors – from oil and gas to chemicals, metals, mining, power and renewables. Our customers range from the largest global businesses to smaller specialists.

Hear some of our customers talk about the business challenges they face and how they use our data and insights to overcome them.


Domo Chemicals

What are the most exciting opportunities for an integrated chemicals business like DOMO Chemicals? And what's the role of data and analytics in capitalising on those opportunities? We asked Philippe Guerineau, VP Sales & Marketing, DOMO Chemicals.



Companies rely on various sources for information to get a third party view of what opportunities may yield in a certain play. Mark Sooby, Managing Director, Lazard explains why Wood Mackenzie is the premier source for connecting the dots and providing the clearest picture.



The financial industry is moving at lightning speed and staying on top of the latest market trends is vital in order to give clients the best advice. Alonso Mago, MD and Head of Technical, Scotiabank provides insight on why he depends on our clean data to perform faster analysis for their clients.



As global demand for oil and gas grows, companies are challenged to keep pace with demand. Bobby Ryan, former VP of Global Exploration provides insight on current trends and the need for solutions that help companies understand their competitive position.


Murphy Oil

Gregory Hebertson, VP of Global Exploration provides insight on current trends and business challenges. With a new focus on creating value and finding projects with low risk profiles, access to data quickly and efficiently is now more important than ever.


Caliche Development Partners LLC

Dave Marchese, CEO, Caliche Development Partners LLC, believes the best way for providers to keep up with customer demand for olefins is by asking the right questions. Learn how Wood Mackenzie Chemicals informs on the questions you should be asking to get the answers you need.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch

When it comes to BAML's use of data, it's all about anchoring what they do with an intelligence partner their clients respect and understand. Julian Mylchreest, Global Head, Natural Resources (Energy, Power & Mining), Global Corporate & Investment Banking explains why having a view on the new energy transition and it's impact on all sectors is so important.