2018 Wood Mackenzie Beijing Cross Commodity Forum 伍德麦肯兹北京跨商品分析论坛

  • Beijing, People's Republic of China
China is at the forefront of global energy and mobility transition. It is adding solar and wind plants and electric vehicles at a pace faster than any other market in the world. It is also a major source of oil demand growth. At the same time, China is investing heavily in gas production and transmission infrastructure, LNG terminals and energy storage applications. These initiatives are central to China's decarbonisation and environmental strategy, and will shape global commodity markets. 中国正处于全球能源及交通转型的最前沿。中国推动光伏、风电和电动汽车发展的步伐远快于其他国家。作为全球原油需求增长的重要市场,中国也在加大对天然气开采、储运,液化天然气接收站以及储能设施的投资。这些举措是帮助中国实现清洁低碳发展战略的核心,必将深刻影响全球大宗商品市场未来的走势。 We will discuss these topics and present our latest views at Wood Mackenzie's Cross-Commodity Forum in Beijing on September 13, 2018 at the China World Hotel. 我们将在2018年9月13日举行的伍德麦肯兹跨商品分析论坛上与您分享我们最新的行业观点。


  • 13 September 2018

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    • Welcome and Introduction


      • Prakash has over 26 years’ experience in energy and metals & mining and climate change policy developments, ranging from operational management to commodity trading and business strategy. He joined Wood Mackenzie in 2006 and is currently based in Beijing. He leads integrated analysis and cross-commodity discussions for China. He has presented to board and senior level management teams, as well as at major industry conferences. Prakash’s extensive experience in the commodity sector includes export of steel-making raw materials (metallurgical coal, iron ore and scrap) and energy coal to China for an established Canadian trading firm. He has also spent nine years in the mining industry specialising in technical services, international sourcing and ISO 9001 certification. Prakash is a Mining Engineer with an MBA from the International Management Institute in India.

    • Oil price outlook: supply resilience, rising geopolitical tension and peak demand


      • US tight oil: can it deliver strong growth?
      • OPEC geopolitics: a more uncertain world 
      • Peak demand: transport in transition 


      • Rui Hou joined Wood Mackenzie Beijing office in July 2017 and is responsible for refining analysis primarily focusing on China for Product Markets Service, Refinery Evaluation Model and PetroPlan. Before joining Wood Mackenzie, Rui was an oil analyst in Platts, where he was responsible for the supply and demand analysis for China’s petroleum products. His research interests and experience mainly concentrate on oil supply/demand modelling and analysis on the large-scales (e.g., national and provincial levels).

    • Global LNG outlook and China's role

      全球液化天然气展望及中国的影响 • Clean coal, gas or electricity: what's driving fuel switching in non-power sectors?   煤改煤,煤改电还是煤改气? • How to overcome infrastructure bottlenecks: the role of storage and LNG trucking   基础设施瓶颈如何解决: 储气和运输液化天然气的作用 • What to Read More...


      • Miaoru Huang joined Wood Mackenzie in 2016 and heads up Wood Mackenzie’s China Gas and Power team in Beijing. She and the team conduct integrated and comprehensive research into natural gas/LNG, coal, power and renewables in China. The team also supports various consulting assignments. Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, Miaoru worked for Rio Tinto as Senior Advisor – Energy & Climate Strategy, Asia for seven years. Miaoru holds an MSc in Management Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University and a joint master’s degree in Energy Management from École des Mines de Paris. Miaoru is fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.

    • Coffee Break

    • Power market reforms, prices and fuel choices


      • Evolution of China's power market and price implications

      • Gas versus coal and renewables

      • Captive power plants: a case study on Chinese smelters


      • Frank Yu is Principal Consultant for Asia-Pacific Power and Renewables based in Beijing. Frank was instrumental in developing Wood Mackenzie’s China Gas Service and eventually the China Power Model which covered provincial power markets, inter-provincial power flows and the competitiveness of gas in the China power market. Prior to Wood Mackenzie, Frank worked for a number of years with Pöyry, a management and engineering consultancy. In this role, Frank participated in numerous consulting projects, the majority of which focused on China’s burgeoning energy sector. Frank Yu has a diversified education background in geology, climate change sciences and energy economics. Prior to joining Pöyry, Frank worked at the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University as a postdoctoral fellow after earning his Ph.D Degree at Lanzhou University.

    • The future of transportation: a paradigm shift in full gear

      交通电动化: 全速转型

      • The rise of the electric vehicle: Barriers and enablers to EV adoption

      • The road to an autonomous future: Will it revolutionize mobility?

      • Implications for battery raw materials


      • Sifang joined Wood Mackenzie in February 2014 as a consultant in Base Metals Costs team. He is currently based in Wood Mackenzie’s Beijing office. Since joining Wood Mackenzie, Sifang has been working on the copper cost service, analysing the cost and production of Chinese copper mines. Sifang holds a MSc degree in Metals and Energy Finance from Imperial College London, a MEng (Hons) degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Manchester and a Bachelor’s degree from Dalian University of Technology.

      • Yujiao Lei joined Wood Mackenzie in August 2016 as a research associate in the Cross-Commodity Analytics team. She is responsible for oil demand analysis primarily focusing on China. She has built up an extensive knowledge of oil’s end-use markets, such as the road transport sector, and has taken a leading role in determining Wood Mackenzie's outlook for China’s electric vehicle market. Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, Yujiao was an energy analyst with Caixin Media Group, focusing on energy sustainability in China. She has also worked as a research analyst for IHS Markit, modeling and forecasting oil and gas activities in North America. Yujiao holds an MMgt in Energy Finance from Tulane University and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

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    • Networking Lunch


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