2018 Wood Mackenzie Seoul Refining & Chemical Forum

  • Jung-gu Seoul, Korea
Refining and petrochemical integration is now an industry watchword given the uncertainty in transportation fuels demand in the wake of energy transition and a growing appetite for petrochemicals. Clearly, there is a need for refiners to adapt to the changing reality and petchem players to step up to grab the opportunity. How will refiners respond to the changing demand patterns and upcoming regulations? How can Asian petchem players remain cost competitive by embracing new technologies and deeper integration with refiners?


  • 24 July 2018

    • Registration

    • Welcome and Introduction

    • Refining-focused session 1: Global refining facing a new world order?

      • Peak oil demand – key drivers
      • Implications of demand changes to global refining
      • Options for refiners to stay ahead

    • Petchems-focused session 1: Refining and chemicals integration - a necessity, not a choice

      • Reasons of integration and why it is becoming a necessity
      • Integrated site margins with focus on new crude to chemicals sites in China 
      • Gasoline surplus - Implications and options for export refiners

    • Networking lunch

    • Refining-focused session 2: Evolving global crude and condensate trade flows

      • US light crude exports: How much is coming to Asia and why?
      • Asia condensate market getting tighter: What is driving this?
      • How will IMO 2020 affect global crude trade flow?

    • Refining-focused session 3: Megatrends and the future of downstream

      • Consumer vehicle preferences (EVs, fuel efficiency)
      • Technology impacts on consumer behavior (ridesharing and demand implications)
      • Carbon regulation (carbon taxes, biofuels, crude carbon intensity issues)
      • Preserving long-term profitability

    • Refining-focused session: Q&A session

    • Petchems-focused session 2: Asia Olefin Derivatives Exporters Facing Strong Headwinds

      • China growing self-sufficiency resulting in stagnant to declining growth for olefins derivatives imports
      • This slowing demand is complicated by growing competition from cost advantaged production in the US 
      • What export oriented producers in Asia need to do to overcome these challenges?

    • Petchems-focused session 3: China's evolving aromatics industry: it's not just about paraxylene

      • China PX update
      • Rise in standalone reforming capacity in China adds associated BTX
      • What is happening to coke-oven and pygas benzene supply in China
      • Changing configurations of PX in China and shifts in aromatics yields

    • Final Q&A session/Networking


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