2017 Americas Chemicals Conference

Are we there yet? The anticipation of new capacity in the US Gulf Coast (USGC) continues to build, with definite impacts on global markets and trade. Once everything comes on-line, how will the USGC build-out trigger global reactions? How do things change when factoring in recent developments in the economy, politics and energy prices? Join us in Houston on Thursday, November 30, 2017 as we focus on these looming questions.


  • 30 November 2017

  • Registration and Networking Breakfast

  • Uncertainties Flourish for the Global Economy and Crude Oil Markets

  • The Sustainability and Risks of Low Priced Natural Gas

  • North American Natural Gas Liquids – Tied to the World

  • New US Capacity Causing Ethylene & Propylene Markets to Rock & Roll

  • Panel Q&A Session

  • Executive Keynote Session

  • Networking Lunch & Live Product Demonstrations

  • Brace for Impact: Navigating Global Polyolefins Trade

  • A Re-Examination on China’s CTO/MTO Development

  • Olefins & Polymers – Understanding Pricing & Risk Management

  • Panel Q&A

  • Networking Break & Live Product Demonstrations

  • U.S. MEG: The New Middle East

  • Vinyls: Usually Rocky, Poised to Roll

  • Butadiene Volatility Can Still Shake Things Up

  • Styrene – Chinese Anti-Dumping Duties

  • Benzene in the US: Going Hungry in the Land of Plenty

  • Panel Q&A and Closing Comments

  • Networking Reception