Asia Polyester Conference 2020

Impacts of COVID-19 on the polyester industry.

About the Virtual Conference

Riding the waves of adversity: the polyester chain after the coronavirus

We saw the tsunami of excess capacities hitting the polyester chain starting in 2019, especially in the raw materials segment. But 2020 saw the coronavirus sending an even bigger – and very much unexpected – tsunami cutting across the entire chain. Who will be wiped out? And who will survive in a post-coronavirus world? We analyse the polyester chain after the pandemic, and tell you why sinking is not an option, and how you can actually ride the waves to greater heights.

Join us as Wood Mackenzie experts at the Asia Polyester Conference as they address the impact of COVID-19 on the chemicals and polyester industries.
Attendees benefit from independent analysis on short and longer term trends impacting the polyester value chain.

Polyester Industry Training - $395

Taking place the day before the virtual conference on the 13 October, this deep dive training session which will provide everything you or your team need to grasp the pricing fundamentals that shape the markets globally.

We will share how Wood Mackenzie’s experts report and forecast short term and long term prices within a changing market environment With many competing drivers in the polyester industry which surface at difference times this session will explain the key raw material pricing drivers, the production economics and the rapidly growing influence of recycling and sustainability.

What the session will cover:

  • The chemistry and production economics (including relevant risk/reliability key factors) for each step in the chain from Crude Oil, Naphtha, PX, PTA, Ethylene, MEG, Polymer.
  • What has driven polyester competitiveness vs other materials and is anything changing?
  • Polyester sustainability and recycle – drivers for PET bottle recovery and explanation of RPET price markers


Cost per delegate