Webinar | US Distributed Energy Resource Market

A new growth engine for the US distributed energy resource market

A significant transformation is underway in the US distributed energy resource (DER) market, which is set to almost double by 2027 concerning 2022.

While distributed solar has represented a majority of capital expenditure over the last five years, EV charging infrastructure (EVCI) will be taking over as the growth engine for the next five years. 

Join our Grid Edge experts on Thursday, 10 August as we review our 5-year outlook for the US DER market and the factors driving both the growth and market share transformation. We will also address key commercial questions:  

  • What EV charging segments are set to grow the greatest, and when? 
  • How could automakers and big-box retailers disrupt the business models for pure-play EV charging networks? 
  • Which technology and customer segments demonstrate the greatest opportunity for energy-as-a-service offerings, and therefore opportunities for lenders and asset managers?
  • What opportunities exist for monetizing DERs in market and utility programs, and what models exist for capturing this post-sale revenue?


Thursday | August 10 | 11 AM ET 

45 minutes presentation 

15 minutes live Q&A 


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Amaiya Khardenavis

Analyst, EV Charging Infrastructure

Amaiya focuses on electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the Grid Edge practice

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