2017 Power & Renewables Briefing

  • Singapore, Singapore
Global power markets are undergoing rapid, fundamental changes. Renewable costs are falling and power systems are being disrupted. Meanwhile, within Asia, liberalisation is also starting to take hold in several markets. We will discuss how we see these trends unfolding, what it means for markets and, most importantly, the opportunities these changes present to Asian power market participants. Contact estrelita.chirayath@woodmac.com for additional information.


  • 14 November 2017

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    • China's evolving power sector

      • How can China liberalise its power sector and how will this impact the fuel mix?
      • What’s the role of gas amid the rise of renewables and coal overcapacity? 
      • What are the future trends in China’s power sector?
      • How will the One Belt, One Road initiative create more investment opportunities?


      • Frank Yu is the China power market consultant based in Beijing. Frank’s input to the China Gas Service focuses on developing our in-house China power model, which allows Wood Mackenzie to understand provincial power markets, inter-provincial power flows and the competitiveness of gas in the China power market. Prior to Wood Mackenzie, Frank worked for a number of years with Pöyry, a management and engineering consultancy. In this role, Frank participated in numerous consulting projects, the majority of which focused on China’s burgeoning energy sector. Frank Yu has a diversified education background in geology, climate change sciences and energy economics. Prior to joining Pöyry, Frank worked at the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University as a postdoctoral fellow after earning his Ph.D Degree at Lanzhou University.

    • Is coal still king in Southeast Asia?

      • Capacity and generation mix: can Southeast Asia get away from coal – and how quickly? 
      • Will changing attitudes to coal power financing impact the investment outlook for coal? 
      • Current tariff comparisons and policy: do tariffs provide incentives for renewables yet?  
      • How do the costs of conventional technologies compare as renewables get cheaper?


      • Bikal leads the power market research for Asia Pacific. He is a seasoned power and renewables analyst with an established track record of research and consulting in market modeling, inter-fuel analysis, generation planning, cost analysis and bidding strategies. He has been with Wood Mackenzie since 2007. Prior to Wood Mackenzie, he was a power market specialist at PowerSeraya, a local power generation company in Singapore. Bikal holds a PhD in Power Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with specialisation on the aspects of generation planning in competitive electricity markets.

    • Asia Pacific wind power outlook

      • Will Asia Pacific be the global driver for wind power? 
      • How does wind power LCOE compare with other technologies in Asia Pacific?
      • How realistic is offshore wind power in an Asia Pacific context? 
      • As the biggest driver in Asia Pacific, what are the potential future risks to wind power in China?


      • Shane has worked in China’s wind industry since 2011. He joined MAKE’s APAC office in Shanghai in August 2014 as a Market Analyst for China and currently holds the positions of Head of APAC. He is responsible for MAKE’s business development in the APAC regions, overall management of the APAC division and providing MAKE’s clients with in-depth analyses on all major markets within China’s wind industry. Shane previously worked for the Chinese turbine manufacturer, Goldwind Science & Technology, having joined in early 2011 and worked from their Beijing headquarters on investor relations and Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosure affairs. Shane holds a BSc. Honours degree in Management from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

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