Extracting value from CCUS: How does it work?

Join Wood Mackenzie on February 26th, 2024, for an introduction to CCUS project valuations. With the help of our interactive Lens Carbon platform, out analysts will discuss the range of economics emerging across CCUS projects and address the different approaches that governments are taking to incentivise these developments. We will also delve into the project and regulatory landscape, identifying the locations where competitive CCUS markets are emerging, and the challenges that other regions face.

Throughout the webinar, the team will be exploring pivotal questions, such as:

  • The CCUS project landscape: where are the current hotspots for project development?
  • Policy and regulation: which countries are “ready” for CCUS?
  • Project economics: how are governments incentivising companies to undertake CCUS?
  • APAC/EMEA session - The UK vs. Norway: how do hub economics stack up on either side of the North Sea? 
  • EMEA/North America session - North American CCUS: how do Canadian incentives compare to those in the US?

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2024 Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Conference

9 -10 October 2024 | Houston, TX

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