Wood Mackenzie APAC Downstream Briefing

Join us to discuss the issues facing the industry and listen to our experts give their latest views

Charting our way through the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world

Oil price volatility, geopolitical tensions, US-Iran sanctions, political uncertainty in Venezuela, countdown to IMO, US-China trade dispute, China's economic slowdown, exponential rise in US crude exports.  
Exciting times ahead for the refining and oils market!
Join us on 11 September in Singapore for a comprehensive coverage and to discuss what does it all mean for refined products and oils market.


Registration and Lunch: 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Briefing and Q&A: 1.30pm – 3.30pm



Crude Price Outlook

  • Volatility in the oils market resulting from US-China trade dispute
  • Will geopolitical risks outweigh trade concerns?

Short-term product markets

  • China – navigating through an economic slowdown
  • Weak light-ends market – how long is the path to recovery?
  • IMO – a paradigm shift in the refining industry
  • US shale oil growth and impetus to the light-ends and petrochemical market

Changing crude trade landscape  

  • Knock-on impact of US crude exports on crude trade and price differentials
  • IMO's implications on crude price differentials

Medium term refining and oils market

  • Increasing focus on petrochemical integration
  • Options for refiners to thrive during energy transition



Sushant Gupta, Research Director, Asia Pacific, Refining
Alan Gelder, VP Refining, Chemicals & Oil Markets
Fu Feng, Head of Cross-Commodity Analytics, APAC
Vima Jayabalan, Director, Short term Oil