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Canadian NGLs Production Forecast

The most detailed, accurate forecast of NGL production from gas processing in Western Canada.

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Granular NGLs forecasts two months ahead of Government data

We deliver production estimates broken down by NGL product type (ethane, propane, butanes, and C5+) and processing plant type two months before provincial government data is published. 

Inform your speculative bets and determine how to spend capital with more confidence in the efficiency and accuracy of your S&D models to get ahead of the market.

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Our Canadian NGLs Production Forecast delivers market advantage to industry analysts

Customise your forecast specific to your needs. Raw or summarised look at specific NGL components by gas plant type (high or low levels of ethane recovery) to significantly enhance the accuracy of your outlook.  

Interpret market signals with direct access to a team of seasoned analysts experienced in the natural gas, oil and NGL industries.

Intel is constantly at your fingertips with a thorough, five-year outlook published eight times a year.

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