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European Waterborne Products Report

Insight into refined product flows into, from, across and within Europe.

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Get weekly commentary and analysis of key trends and vessel events

Get an accurate, up-to-date view of European waterborne product movements to and from destinations across the globe.

The combination of industry expertise from our analysts, terrestrial and satellite data from our extensive AIS network, and tank measurement data from our Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) storage reports, allows us to offer a comprehensive bi-weekly view of flows. This is broken down by key refined product types and their load or delivery port.

Red Oil Tanker moored at port with mooring rope against blue sky background.

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Our European waterborne report illuminates the flows in, out, within and across Europe so you can better gauge the global product markets and stay ahead of the curve

Compare net cargo flow measurements against our own storage data in the ARA region collected using highly calibrated infrared cameras, aerial diagnostics and other in-house technologies.

Track product cargoes right to their final destination, even if that changes en route. If product suddenly gets diverted away from ARA to elsewhere, you'll know about it.

Week-on-week shipping trend insights with key insight into the increases and decreases of exports and imports across each country in Europe. Better understand loading volumes and where the supply is headed. 

Access accurate data feed of global shipping through our own VesselTracker data. Follow cargoes loading in Europe right to their final destination with estimated true volumes of refined product flows. 

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