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Permian Basin Analysis Report

Gain key insights into production and infrastructure projects in the Permian basin

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Unparalleled insights into the most active play in the US

Using a combination of public and proprietary data and analysis for natural gas, oil and NGLs, we provide a comprehensive view of the most important basin in the US.

We look at how economics are varied across the plays within the Permian region, and forecast rig activity based on forward commodity prices and breakeven economics. These rig forecasts drive our oil, gas and NGL production forecasts, which are translated into supply based on the outlook for regional infrastructure. 

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Features at a glance

Five-year forecasts

We provide five-year production forecasts for oil, natural gas and NGLs in addition to five-year rig forecast.

Basin-level view of all three hydrocarbon streams

In a single report, we provide a big picture view of oil, natural gas and NGL activity in the Permian Basin. Our view is informed by our comprehensive database of takeaway capacity, and our market outlooks from all three hydrocarbon perspectives.

Understand the biggest impacts and risks in the Permian, get analysis of natural gas basis in the region, and a perspective on the level of ethane recovery that will be possible as infrastructure is developed and ethylene markets grow. 

Answer key questions

This report answers three key questions we are often asked about the Permian Basin: 

  • Who are the top operators in the play?
  • How do drilling and development economics differ across the Basin?
  • How does hedging look in the play?